We born as family business and we are a solid company dedicated to fashion.

We have been providing, for more than 14 years, design clothing trend for the most important retailers in the fast-fashion. We offer tailor-made design of circular knitwear for each of our customers. Our designers respond readily, proposing new ideas to market demands. Our design is the cutting edge of fashion. We are always updated with latest fabrics trends.
Intexteis means design, dynamism and quality. Under these premises we operate daily. Our garments go over the world.
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We are a team committed to a common project, passionate about what we do.

Intexteis Savoir faire 

Raw material

We are capable of designing and making garments with recycled materials and guarantee the traceability of these materials throughout the chain.


We control and validate the entire supply chain from the thread to the final garment. We are agile and flexible teams, we rely on excellence in the technical process.


We create bridges between the local and the global and we make sure that our suppliers know and comply with safety and health requirements.

Final garment

We are able to anticipate what is to come. The impact of our garments is based on the sensitivity of our designers and their ability to take risks.